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Talk on Depression

'Many painful feelings are often the result of distorted, negative thinking known as cognitive distortions.'

A talk on 'depression' was organised by Ms Nikita Kapoor, Psychologist, NCU on 7 April 2017 on the occasion of World Health Day in the University premises. The talk was conducted by Dr Shweta Sharma, Psychologist, Columbia Asia Hospital. The workshop defined depression, risk factors, treatment options, self-help, coping skills and how to help someone with depression.

Beliefs about self, the world and the future were examined, irrational and self-defeating feelings and ideas were discussed. It was participatory and interactive in nature involving around 60 students. It involved audio visuals, stories, case studies, real life experiences, exercises and thought experiences. The workshop was motivational  and people who participated benefited and learnt the practical tools to overcome depression.