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Talk and Movie Screening by ‘We, The People’ group

School of Law organized a talk and movie screening on 19 April 2016 by ‘We, The People’, a network of organizations and like-minded individuals. The mission of the organization is to expand an informed, active and responsible citizenry in India. The organization facilitates exploration, understanding and action for being active and responsible citizens through events and in-depth training programmes. 

The film was based on a dialogue of 5 citizens who take up important public causes and whose legal intervention result in a path-breaking principle established related to the Constitution of India. Their intervention therefore, went on to benefit large numbers of citizens across the country. These citizens were Mr Parmanand Katara, Ms Lilly Thomas, Ms Shreya Singhal, Ms Nandini Sundar and Ms Kusum Jain (from Parents Forum Delhi) who filed Public Interest Litigations (PILs) for a cause and brought a change.

This is about a movement to claim back the spirit of the Constitution and values of equality, justice and liberty for all. They enable dialogue focused on the preamble to the Indian Constitution - its values, it relevance in today’s time and its call to action for all citizens particularly to young budding lawyers.