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Student Seminar on ‘Enhancement of Memory, Brain Power and Health’

Centre for Languages Learning organized a Student Seminar on ‘Enhancement of Memory, Brain Power and Health’ by Maj. Gen. (Retd.) CM Seth on 28 April 2016.  Students of 2nd year CSE participated in the seminar. The speaker highlighted the fact that an average person uses 2-4% of his brain power, that too the left side of the brain. The right side of the brain by and large remains unutilized. The best scenario would be if both sides of the brain are active so that full potential of the brain is utilized.

The right side of the brain is more important as it is related with creativity which is essential to succeed in life. Maj Gen Seth demonstrated some simple techniques on how to activate both sides of the brain so that students can excel in exams as well as in their profession. Along with this, the techniques to enhance lasting memory and tips to maintain good health to keep the brain active were also elaborated. Techniques to control stress and anger were also explained in the talk. The session was quite informative and educative for all the participants.