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Industrial Visit to Surabhi Engineers Ltd

An industrial visit to Surabhi Engineers Ltd, Faridabad was organized by NCU’s Department of Mechanical Engineering on 15 March 2017 for 1st & 2nd Year students. Surabhi Engineers is a leading supplier of engineering components, sheet metal press components, pipe accessories suppliers to companies like Caparo, Maruti, Escorts Ltd, Honda SIEL power products, Yamaha, JBM etc.

The students visited the manufacturing division of the company in which various machining processes like turning, boring, knurling, thread cutting etc. were shown and explained. The company has semi- automatic CNC Lathes for these operations. They also visited the welding section of the company which is equipped with the latest Robot welding machines for spot welding, projection welding etc. Later the students visited the quality control department of the company where they learnt about the inspection processes followed by the company.

The visit was coordinated by Mr Anmol Bhatia and Mr Kishore Guru

This visit was very useful for the students as they were able to link theoretical concepts with practical techniques and understand the production processes followed in the company. Discussion was also held for Surabhi Engineers Ltd to provide industrial training to NCU students.