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Guest Lecture on Deep Learning

A guest lecture on ‘Deep Learning’ by Prof. RK Agrawal, Dean, School of Computer & Systems Sciences, JNU, New Delhi was organized by Department of CSE&IT on 11 March 2016. Prof. Agrawal’s areas of interest include data mining, pattern recognition, security and neural networks. He has published around 90 research papers in reputed journals with good indexing.

During the lecture, Prof. Agrawal enlightened an audience of around 50 students and 10 faculty members on the vast applications of deep learning like computer vision, character recognition, automatic speech recognition, natural language processing and bioinformatics. At the outset, he explained the basic concepts of classification and neural networks. Thereafter, he covered the concepts of deep learning based on set of algorithms that attempt to model high-level abstractions in data by using multiple processing layers with complex structures. He could capture the attention of the audience very well as he explained the concepts with practical examples on character recognition. Prof RK Agrawal concluded the talk by emphasizing the importance of Deep Learning in current research.