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Expert lecture on ‘Biological Effects of EM Radiations’

An expert lecture on ‘Biological Effects of EM Radiations’ by Dr Satya Kesh Dubey was conducted by Department of EECE on 18 March 2016. Dr Satya Kesh Dubey is currently working as a scientist in Microwave Measurement group at National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi and holds a PhD from IT BHU. His areas of research include biological effect of EM radiations, electromagnetic induced transparency, e-field probes and sensors, SAR probes, micro strip antenna, millimeter wave, and computational modeling of biological tissue in EM radiations.

The lecture was attended by research scholars and students of 3rd and 4th year ECE and EEE along with Prof. Amitava Sen Gupta, Mentor RDIL and other faculty members. It was an informative session where students and faculty got an idea of latest trends in this domain. The event was coordinated by Mr Mandeep Singh and Mr Saurabh Sachdeva, Assistant Professors, EECE Department.