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Entre Thrust (July-Nov, 2017)

1) To kindle the creative spirit among the students, the E-Cell of NCU organized a Creative Writing competition, under the theme EntreThrust-2017, on 13th Oct, 2017. The participants comprised of students from different branches. Teams were formed and topics were given on the spot. The team members started brainstorming right away, as they struggled empathizing with different problems and finding solutions using their creative minds. Amidst all this competition, Abhishek Jain and Abhijeet Singh Bhogal (CSE 2nd yr) emerged as winners.

2) The E Cell organized a challenging event on “Mock Stock Scene” on 1st Nov, 2017 (under Momentum banner). The participants were put in a simulated stock market scene. They were free to invest/sell independently in the given companies based on news updates over a couple of hours. Timely updates kept them on their toes and ready to anticipate the next change in the share prices. The interactions were held online, enabling the students to participate from anywhere in the campus. The share prices were totaled up when the market closed and Aman Yadav (CSE 2nd yr) with the maximum was the declared the winner and Ketan Verma (CSE, 2nd yr) secured the 2nd postion. This was independently coordinated by Aaditya Verma and Akanksha Batra (CSE, 2nd yr).

Both the above events, along with the student coordinators, were coordinated by Ms Charu Rana (ECE), Dr Kavita Khanna (CSE) and Dr Sushmita B Waraich (SOM).