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Documentary Movie “Martyrs of Marriage” Screening By School of Law

The School of Law, NorthCap University organized the screening of the documentary movie titled, “Martyrs of Marriage” directed by Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj, Journalist and documentary filmmaker on 7th April, 2017 in the University Auditorium Hall. The Screening was attended by eminent dignitaries like Mrs. Bharti Arora, IPS Officer; Prof. B.T. Kaul, Chairperson, Delhi Judicial Academy, Mrs. Neena Bansal, Director (Academics), Delhi Judicial Academy and Mr. Raman Malik, BJP Haryana Spokesperson. The film is a 90 minute long documentary film that documents the injustice that has been perpetrated on people because of misuse of section 498A of Indian Penal Code commonly known as the Anti Dowry law in India. A feature length, first person account of those who have suffered at the hands of abuse of this provision, the film delves deep into the problem, the reasons behind it and the repercussions of the same.

Misuse of this law, followed by arrests has not spared senior citizens ailing with health problems, children as young as 2 years of age, siblings living miles away, cousins as well as NRIs and Foreign Nationals. For long, people have believed that it is only women who suffer or give up their lives because of harassment by her in-laws. Laws in India also have been framed on the basis the same notion. But there are ample stories in society today, where these notions have been defied. Stories where it is men who are victimized, stories where in-laws are treated with cruelty and harassment, stories where it is men who are committing suicide because of torture, false cases,  domestic violence and cruelty. “Martyrs of Marriage” throws light on the other side of the societal notion and captures stories of men who were harassed within a Marriage and driven to suicide because of threats and torture. The screening was followed by Question-Answer Session. The film depicted reality of a law that was made to save lives, but has instead taken many lives.