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Library Committee

The purpose of the Library Committee is to act as a channel of communication and dialogue between the LIRC and its users. The Committee's main objective is to aid in the establishment of a bridge between the LIRC and the NCU community.
  • To develop operational procedures.
  • To discuss matters of policy and make recommendations relating to our library.
  • To advise the Faculty and the Governing Body concerning the direction and growth of the Library.
  • To advise and consult with the Librarian and the professional library staff on any matters pertaining to the policies, administration, use and functions of the LIRC.

The Committee is made up of at least one faculty member from each academic department as well as an undergraduate student and a post graduate student. The committee should meet at least Two times during the academic year. Members of the current Library Committee are as follows:

Committee Members for Session 2016-2017


Dr. Hukum Singh Associate Prof, APS  Chairman, Library Committee
Ms Prerna Chauhan Faculty, CLL Member
Dr. Sunita Sharma Faculty, APS Member
Dr Kamlesh Sharma Faculty, APS Member
Ms Rita Chhikara Faculty, CSE & IT Member
Ms Yogita Gigras Faculty, CSE & IT Member
Dr Ferras Al Hakkak Faculty, ME  Member
Ms Arohi Mathur Faculty, ME  Member
Dr A.K. Mishra Faculty, Civil Member
Mr Shubham Bansal Faculty, Civil Member
Dr Nitin Malik Faculty, EECE Member
Ms Kusum Grewal Faculty, EECE Member
Ms Amanpreet Kaur Faculty, EECE Member
Dr Vibha Dua Faculty, SOM Member
Ms Alpana Agrawal Faculty, SOM Member
Ms Shabana Shabnam Faculty, SOL Member
Mr Tushar Dureja 14CSU211 Student Representative
Mr Sushant Ghai 14CSU217 Student Representative
Mr Sarthak 14MEU083 Student Representative
Mr Vagish 14MEU105 Student Representative
Ms Radhika Agrawal 14EEU015 Student Representative
Mr Akshat Mathur 14ECU115 Student Representative
Ms Shivani 15ECU052 Student Representative
Ms Anushree 14CVU010 Student Representative
Ms Aneesha 14CVU006 Student Representative
Ms Dipanshi 14CVU010 Student Representative
Mr Higmanshu Rathee 13LLB032 Student Representative
Ms Parvani Marwah 14LLB060 Student Representative
Ms Vimal Dahiya 15MBA039 Student Representative
Mr Deepak Vats 15MBA012          Student Representative
Ms Preeti Dagar 14BSM013 Student Representative
Ms Shivani Govil Library In-charge Convener
Library Committee Meetings

The meeting of University library committee was held on  April 6, 2017 in the multimedia section of LIRC.


Organisation Chart For Library Committee
Organisation Chart Library Committee

Minutes of Meeting

The Minutes of the last LIRC meeting can be viewed in the following link : Minutes of Meeting