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All students admitted in The NorthCap University are advised to take note of the following. These are general guidelines and University rules and regulations in force at that time as per Exam conduct rules (ECR) shall take precedence over these guidelines.

  1. In every semester, students have to appear for Class Tests, assignments, quiz test, on-line Tests, one Minor test (90 min)- mid semester and Major Test (3hr.-Theory paper)-end semester, Practical Test, Seminar, Project, Viva voce, etc.) as per the schedule displayed on the Examination Notice board or Departmental Notice Board and NCU website from time to time. Minor and Major test dates are also notified in the Academic Calendar issued by the Deputy Dean Academics at beginning of the semester. A specific notification regarding dates of Minor and Major Test is also issued by the Controller of Examinations and is displayed on the University website and on the Examination Notice Boards opposite room 105 prior to the Tests.
  2. It is mandatory for the students to register themselves for the particular course/courses in the beginning of the semester. Accordingly they would be permitted to appear in the Minor/Major Test. No Admit card is required for appearing in the Minor Test, however the student is to carry his/her Identity card and show it to the Invigilator when asked. A student would not be permitted to appear in Minor test if he/she does not have 60% attendance in each course.


Instructions for Candidates During Examinations

  1. Maintaining discipline and sanctity of examination is of paramount importance. Any misdemeanour on the part of the candidate is likely to debar him/her from appearing in the examination.
  2. Candidate should take their seats at least 15 minutes before start of the examination.
  3. Candidates found reading books, exchanging notes and intentionally delaying in entering the examination hall up to 10 min prior to the start of the examination, thereby causing disturbance to other candidates and the examiner will be penalized by deducting up to 3 percent from their total marks in the same paper.
  4. The candidates should check their seats, and if they find any paper/ any other incriminating material nearby, or anything written on their desk or nearby wall or ceiling etc, they should immediately bring it to the notice of the invigilating staff/ Flying Squad members.
  5. Candidates on receipt of the answer book will check the correctness of the number of pages as given on the top including any damaged answer sheets and then proceed to fill up all particulars before answering the question.
  6. Before writing on the answer book the candidates should see that they have been supplied with the correct question paper as per the date sheet.
  7. Candidates will not write their name or append their signatures on the answer book. Candidates will only write their Roll numbers in the answer book and on the question paper as well.
  8. Mobile phones, I-pad, pager, pen drive or any other electronic /blue- tooth device etc. are not allowed inside the examination hall. Possession of mobile phone or other electronic devices by the candidate will be treated as Unfair Means case.
  9. Candidates will only use blue/black ink for writing the exam. Use of any other ink will invite UMC.
  10. A candidate is permitted to enter the examination hall if he is late up to 15 min from scheduled time of commencement of exam. Candidate reporting later than 15 min. would be recorded as per exact time of late reporting and barred from entering the exam hall. This provision is not applicable for Minor Test. It is in the interest of the student to be in time for the Test and no excuse what so ever of cab/bus/train late or traffic congestion will be entertained.
  11. Candidates will carry the Identity Card and Admit Card in person and show to the Invigilator on demand.
  12. Exchange of items such as pen, calculator, scale, pencil, eraser etc. with other candidates is not allowed. Violation of this will be treated as UMC.
  13. Any candidate found cheating with the help of mobile phone / other elctronic device or in possession of written matter on a chit, calculator, and any part of the body will invite UMC. The punishment for use of unfair means will result in cancellation of paper or all papers appeared for or debarred from semester end exam or rustication from the University.
  14. No candidate will be allowed to leave the examination hall before half the time is over. For example if the duration of the examination is of three hours, no candidate will be permitted to leave the examination hall before completion of one and half hour into the examination.
  15. Candidates will normally be permitted to go to the washroom only once during the entire examination of 3 hours for duration not exceeding five minutes. However the candidate will not be permitted before half time and during last 30 min of the exam. Use of washroom is not permitted during Minor Test of 90 min duration.
  16. On completion of the examination, candidates must personally hand over his/her answer book to the invigilator on duty. Under no circumstances will he/she leave the answer book on his/her table.
  17. Candidate should follow all the prescribed rules of the University.
  18. In addition to informing the parents, repeat of any offence above shall debar the candidate from appearing in the examination.



The University has adopted centralized evaluation system after conduct of end semester Examination where each School/Department is allotted designated rooms for carrying out evaluation. The answer books are centrally held in safe custody and issued to evaluating faculty on a daily basis and collected back from the faculty before they leave the University. Answer books are not permitted to be carried home by faculty under any circumstances.



Answer books are shown to the students after completion of evaluation, the date of which is notified well in advance on the Students Notice Boards and on the NCU website.  It is in the interest of the student to come to the University on the day the answer books are shown to the candidates, to see their evaluated answer books. Facility of re-evaluation of Major Test answer book is provided to students on the scheduled day of answer book showing itself by filling up NCU Form-35 and submitting to Examination cell along with prescribed fee; but the candidate shall forfeit the chance of re-evaluation, if he/she does not turn up to see the answer books on the day of answer showing. There shall be no re-evaluation of answer books for Test conducted for Thesis/Dissertation, Viva-voice and Practical Examinations.