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Issue of Certificates

Character Certificate / Migration Certificate / Bonafide Certificate / Any Other 

Character Certificate / Migration Certificate / Bonafide Certificate or any other certificate can be issued to the students by appling on NCU Form-35 to the Controller of Records (COR) in Room No.39 ground floor. There is no fee for issue of Migration Certificate. The certificate will be issue with in one working day of applying date. For any query write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Re-evaluation of answer book

Procedure to be followed for re-evaluation of answer books after the Major Test is enumerated as under:

  1. Dates, when the answer books are to be shown to the candidates are notified by the Controller of Examinations in the schedule of Examination related activities prior to the Major Test in each semester.
  2. Candidates appearing for Major Test are shown their evaluated answer books by the concerned faculty on dates as specified in the notification.
  3. On the day the answer books are shown to the candidates, it should be the endeavor of the faculty to satisfy all queries raised by the candidates on the marks obtained by them.
  4. If after the explanation by the faculty, a candidate is still not satisfied, he/she shall have an option to apply for revaluation of the answer book by filling up the NCU Form-35 which would be available with the faculty or can be downloaded from website or obtained from library. Faculty also carry few NCU Form-35 with them when they show the answer sheets to the students.
  5. Filled up NCU Form-35 shall be deposited to the COE in room no 116 first floor by the student after payment of prescribed fee 500/- per course in the Accounts Branch on the same day on which, the answer sheet was shown to the candidate.
  6. On the receipt of the application, COE shall send the answer book to the HOD of the concerned Department, who shall than constitute a committee of faculty (comprising of three faculty) other than the one who evaluated the answer book in the first place to re-evaluate the answer book.
  7. The re-evaluated result of the candidate will be finalized within 48 hours and communicated to both the COE and Deputy Dean Academics.
  8. A candidate shall forfeit his chance of re-evaluation if he does not turn up to see the answer books on the date notified by the COE.
  9. There shall be no re-evaluation in Minor Test, Thesis/Dissertation, Lab/Practical/ Project/Experiment/Viva Voice.

For any query write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Degree/Detailed Grade Sheet (DGS)

  1. A Provisional Detailed Grade Sheet (DGS) is issued to all students on-roll after the declaration of results of the previous semester Major Test during the first week of beginning of a new semester.
  2. The distribution of Provisional DGS to students is done through the concerned Departmental Labs/office, the schedule of which is notified by office of the COE.
  3. Students shall be personally responsible to bring to the notice of Examination cell within two weeks of notified date of collection for any discrepancy noticed in the provisional DGS (eg. error in self-name, name of father, mother, subject or grades etc.) for rectification before the final printing of DGS.
  4. Once the final DGS is printed, no representation shall be entertained. Thereafter for any changes in DGS, the student shall have to pay a fine as per the Examination Conduct Rules to get a fresh DGS printed.
  5. The final DGS received after printing are handed over to COR (Controller of Records) by Examination Cell, who in turn issues to the students.
  6. The final DGS is issued to students by 01 Mar and 01 Sep each year for the Major Test conducted for the preceding semester.
  7. The distribution of final DGS is also done through Department Lab/ Office with a Notification giving the Department-wise date and time of issue issued by the Office of the COE.
  8. The COR hands over the final DGS to Departments for distribution and those not collected within 30 days of date notified are returned back to the COR Office.
  9. Students who do not collect the DGS from the Department Lab/ Office are required to subsequently collect the same from the COR office.
  10. No fee is charged from students for DGS collected from the COR office (room no.39) within the duration of the Program enrolled. However DGS collected after 1 year from the date of issue after the student has passed out, a fee of ₹200/- per DGS is chargeable.


Issue of Consolidated Statement of Grades (Transcript)

The University has provision for issue of Transcript (consolidated statement of grades) to final, pre-final semester UG & PG students during the month of March/April in the year of passing out but after publication of their results. However the transcript is prepared only after the Dean’s office has forwarded the result to Examination Cell after final verification. Issue of Transcript normally takes 1 week, but during Minor/Major tests this period may get extended. Students can apply for a transcript other than in March/April also but the time for preparation & issue can get extended beyond normal 1 week.

Students are to apply on NCU Form-35 to the COE office in room no 116 first floor after payment of prescribed fee (presently ₹1000/-) in Accounts department wherein one original and four attested copies would be issued. Additional attested copies if required can be obtained on payment of prescribed fee of ₹100/- per copy. In case a student is unable to come personally, he/she may authorize any one in writing an E-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Issue of Duplicate Degree/DGS

In case a student has damaged/defaced/lost the original DGS or Degree certificate, a duplicate one can be issued after making a request on NCU Form-35 along with payment of prescribed fee ie. ₹500/- per DGS or ₹1000/- for Degree certificate respectively in the Accounts department along with self-attested affidavit as per approved text given on the reverse of form no. 35 on a ₹10/- Judicial Stamp paper or plain paper with Judicial Stamp of Rs.10/- value affixed. Copy of the FIR in case of loss of Degree is also to be attached along with application form.

In case of damaged/defaced DGS/ Degree, the old one has to be returned and only then a new Degree or DGS would be issued.


Correction in Degree/DGS

A Provisional DGS is issued to all students at the end of the semester after declaration of results generally in the second week of the beginning of the next semester. Students who have successfully completed the Programme enrolled would be issued a Provisional DGS in the beginning of July of the year of graduating. It is the responsibility of the student to directly bring to the notice of Exam Cell any error in the DGS as regards self-name, parent’s name, grade, credits or any other error within two weeks of date of notification asking students to collect their Provisional DGS. Incase no representation for correction is received, final DGS would be printed and any correction and re-printing of DGS thereafter would be against payment of prescribed fee of ₹200/- per DGS or for the Degree certificate on NCU Form-35

For any query write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.