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Industry Academic Interface

A productive interface between industry and academia, in the current era of a knowledge driven economy, is critical. Teaching at The NorthCap University is highly practical and focused on what the industry needs as it is evolved through constant interaction with leading professionals who are a part of the Industry and Academic Advisory Boards which creates a good academic atmosphere and an efficient decision making process based on consultation; and through these it aims to promote an overall development of students for the maximum realization of their potential.

Besides imparting theoretical knowledge, the curriculum stresses on developing analytical skills, communication, problem solving and team work abilities as required by industry. The requirements of industry are continuously updated through regular industry tracking / feedback. Hence, case studies, industry projects, presentations, research work and role-play relevant to practical education; form an integral part of a student's tenure at The NorthCap University.

Personality Enhancement or soft skills on which industry lays great emphasis is greatly stressed at The NorthCap University and all students undergo special classes, workshops and modular courses like General Knowledge, Personality Development Programs, Value Added courses and various languages are taught by the faculty from various reputed organizations so that interpersonal skills, creativity and leadership qualities may build up to make them true leaders. Industry is also benefited by tying-up with such institutes and getting supply of high quality human resources.

The NCU-Industry interface is promoted through many modes, some of which are as follows: