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Dear Alumni,

Many of you may be physically far away from your Alma Mater but still close to it in your hearts. You are our brand ambassadors and torch bearers. This is an attempt to invite you to open communication channels with the University to bridge this distance which may have grown over the years between the university and its students.

The NorthCap University has established a forum for our graduates to share their best practices, life experiences, job opportunities and to provide a means to stay connected with the people whom you share a common memories. This may provide ongoing opportunities that can enhance your professional and personal life.

We hope that you will remain connected with your University in the form of encouraging and guiding  your junior students in their projects and careers , and whenever around ,visit NCU to  help students through workshops, guest lectures etc. or  just  visit your dept. or participate  in various activities of now very active University Alumni Association.

We wish you continued success in your life and career. 





I am Kulwant Nagi student of ECE batch 2006-2010.First of all I want to congratulate NCU for becoming NCU University , in such a short time NCU has gained a lot of achievements with its brilliant students and dedicated Teachers.

As a student for 4 years I have learnt a lot from my college and acquire great depth knowledge of my field of interest. I am very much thankful to my teacher who teaches me so well that I can face the challenging and fast changing high tech world. Special thanks to Mr. Neeraj Shukla who guide me to make the career in VLSI field and told me about the bright future of this field. That’s why I have been admitted for MS in Rochester Institute of technology, Network , USA with $9000 scholarship per year in VLSI field.

As a student I have learnt how to obey the discipline and to always be ready to tackle challenging work. My teacher guided me a lot for my future. University boosted up my confidence by organizing very good events in the college. So I wish a bright future for NCU for its prosperity and quality of education so that I can say that I was the student of NCU.

All the best dear students



" A combination of passion, perseverance and the right mentor-ship is the key to success. NCU-U, in its 15 years of contribution in the field of education, has provided these by imparting knowledge, values and ethics to its students. In the four years I have spent here, my interaction with the esteemed faculty and the experiences in campus, have made me realize my true potential and have helped me grow overall as a person. At the end of the course, I feel I am ready to face the challenges in the industry and in a broader perspective, challenges I will have to face in life ."




The four years that I spent at NCU have been one of the most cherished moments of my life. I feel proud to be a part of NCU family. The institution has achieved so much in a short span of time that its success has been the envy of others. Be it ultra-modern classrooms, library, labs, workshops; NCU scores in leaps and bounds..

The life at university has always been in the fast lane. There was never a dull moment as a plethora of activities were always going on in the college. NCU helped me grow as an individual and be corporate ready. The numerous clubs and societies present in the college provided me with an opportunity to discover the potential that I had. Heading a society in the college helped me interact with many students and connect with the team working with me. I am thankful to all my teachers who have been a source of inspiration and a guiding force.

The best parts of the academics at NCU have been the presentations, seminars, evaluations and workshops. These augmented the regular studies and made us confident enough to face come what may.

I wish NCU University all the success and hope to see it become the best in the country.




An exceedingly qualified and competent faculty, World class academic facilities and the perfect environment to nurture the young mind, amongst others, are the characteristics that shape NCUtoday.
Since its establishment in the mid 90's, University  has been amongst the finest institutes for higher education and yet, it continues to strive for excellence.
My time here has encouraged my overall growth as a person and has groomed me well to take on any challenge. I feel confident and well prepared as i get ready to begin the journey called'Life'



Where Talent Meets Opportunity” would truly be the right words to describe an institution like NCU University. The four years spent in this college have been a life changing experience. The best thing about the institution has been its approach of creating “balanced engineers” with an equal amount of focus on academics as well as on personality development. The college provides its students with the highest quality of infrastructure. However, this institution would not have reached this level of success had it not been for its wonderful faculty who have been a lot more than just teachers, they have been mentors, guides and friends.

It is an honour to have been associated with this college and I wish it all the success in all its endeavours in the near future.





First let me express my deepest gratitude to all the faculty members of NCU University for all the inputs provided by them to make me suitable for the corporate world.

NCU University is truly independent, innovative and inspiring as it motivates students to think in new and creative ways and it is truly inspiring to see teachers working harder than students for their success.

Good teachers, nice campus, proper discipline, good infrastructure, emphasis over quality of education and overall development of students are the key factors for the success of NCU University.

With proper collaboration with good companies NCU University bridges the gap between practical and theoretical knowledge and provides right platform to connect to corporate world. It provides its students with all the opportunities necessary to keep up with the ever changing industrial requirements.

I feel proud to be alumnus of NCU University and I wish it with all the success that it truly deserves.



When a graduate moves from academics to professional life, he feels the gap between academics and industry. NCU college has always worked hard to bridge this gap by conducting regular personality development programs, industry interaction sessions and technical trainings. I feel fortunate to be a part of RTL Design & Verification Program conducted at NCU. After completion of training, I cleared the rigorous selection process of Cadence and am hired as a technical intern. I feel blessed to be an alumnus of NCU. May the flag of NCU always fly high.




NCU University, a place where talent and opportunity are moving together to foster the spirit of learning. It lets oneself to develop his own interest by offering opportunities in diversified fields the way I am actively involved in communication and VLSI field both. Every year it is achieving new heights because of the efforts put by the faculty members and students. The story of this institution has written itself upon all the achievements and I wish it will keep on prospering forever.




I feel so proud when I look back at those four years which I spent at NCU. It was a great learning journey.  NCU has always worked for the betterment of its students. NCU gives ample opportunities to its students to showcase their talent by organising many events like Momemtum, IPL, technical events and many more. NCU also organises PDP sessions, workshops for students which help in their overall development.

I am so glad that I was a part of the RTL Design & Verification training, where we were given in-depth technical knowledge of the VLSI field and had a chance to directly interact with industrial experts.

Lastly, I would like to thank all my teachers for their consistent support and motivation.



Four years!!!! seems to have passed within a blink of an eye but there was so much to explore; it was not only engineering but also responsibility and adaptability which are much needed for personal development before being a part of the professional world.

Life was never bounded within LH and library. It had everything to cater to this exciting journey -events during Cerebration & Momentum, e-club workshops, cricket & football on the green cover… it was all exciting and helped broaden our life here.

I thank NCU’s best-guiding faculty, administration and friends who made this phase a memorable journey.




Studying in NCU Gurugram  is, without a doubt one of the best experiences of my life .  I really like the College environment, mainly because they look at the students as individuals, and the quality of education  is unquestionable as well as the lecture’s level . The teachers of the college are well qualified, kind, supportive, friendly and approachable. They are dedicated people who always help me with my difficulties. The four years at college were fun and I made very good friends. I will cherish these memories for lifetime.


Being a part of NCU was a memorable experience. Nobody forgets his college life as it gives you lifelong friends, sweetest of memories, and lots of fun. And looking back on these 4 years, I can definitely say that I had a fair share of all these things which I will cherish always. Apart from everything related to academics, I learnt many important lessons of life here and I am sure that they would always help me. 

The best thing about NCU is that it helps the students to develop in every dimension be it academic, social, cultural or psychological.

I wish all my teachers and juniors the best of luck and wish that NCU flourishes every year. I am very proud to be a member of NCU.




Time spent in NCU will be cherished lifelong..for the friends i made with whom the journey seemed easier than it ever was..and the teachers who, besides the syllabus, also taught me all that was left to learn otherwise as well.Deadlines that seemed unattainable made me push my limits and helped me explore my strengths.

It not only made me an engineer,but also a responsible human being.

Its been a memorable journey.

Thanks NCU for making me what i am today..i owe it to u..



Coming from the familiar comfort of school, the vast diversity of the class of 2008 was quite a pleasant surprise. The college, set in the 'millennium city' was a melting pot for all of us. Good facilities, great teachers always made the learning experience a pleasure. However, the most important teacher happened to be outside the classroom - the campus. The canteen lunches, the lawn idling, the last minute photocopies, the tutorial submissions, lab reports, the night long sessions. There was always so much happening which reached its peak during the annual festival Momentum. It was always such a celebration. For transforming me to what I'm today and for giving me lifelong friends, I shall always be thankful to NCU and its teachers. May it prosper


Technical and Engineering education is the key to the Industrial and Economic development of India. Since independence India has been tirelessly struggling to march along with advanced nations of the world.

NCU, by producing engineers and technicians of excellence has been playing a vital role in this direction. The faculty of the college is competent and motivated .NCU lays special emphasis on all round development of its students. Consultants and experts are drafted from various parts of India to make the teaching and training excellent and relevant to the needs of the Indian industry for the professionally trained manpower. This institution is true to its motto “Serve to Deserve.” I wish for the continuous flourishing of the institution.



NCU will always be a special moment in my life. Not because I made friends for life, met professors who had deep impact on my life but because of the virtues like discipline, time lines, pushing yourselves to the limits it inculcated in me.

NCU is like a fountain of knowledge - and the students are here to drink. The opportunities it provides for personality development are immense and varied. Be it the cultural or technical fest or the Livewire which gives students a platform to showcase your talent to a wider audience are all commendable.

I would like to give a special mention of the mandatory presentations which were started way back in 2004. It helped me shed my inhibitions and realize my potential as an orator.

In the end I would like to thank all my teachers for the support, guidance and love they extended to us.



First of all, I would thank those who found me suitable to write few words for this section and, of course, those who are spending their precious time in reading it.

I joined NCU in ECE dept. in 2004 and fortunately passed in exact 4 years to attain a tag - '08 batch passout'. I really learnt a lot from campus, faculty, dept. and, the foremost, my peers and mates. Nonetheless, ECE dept. and the institution as a whole gave me lot of opportunities to develop myself and my candidature for various organizations visiting for campus placements. I got three campus offers but you know i could join only one. Currently, I am working in 'Ericsson India' with lot many memories of campus life to live with. Today, I am extremely proud to be alumni of NCU.



The best thing at NCU is the overall development of personality by forcing students to give presentations which really is essential once you move into the corporate world. Also the number of extra curricular activities conducted at NCU by far exceeds that of any other competing college. The campus is very well developed and equipped with all the necessary facilities. You will come to notice it once you visit other colleges around it. It’s a very cool college to be in.






“Meet one of your own open source  practitioners”

  • Agenda:
  • Open source: Introduction
  • Career opportunity in open source
  • Adopting open source builds the society of the future
  • Meet one of your own open source practitioners

Day & Date  : Tue, 21st April, 2015
Time  : 1:30PM to 3:30PM


Mr. Varad Gupta, CTO, Keen&Able Computers, Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
Mr. Neeraj Yadav, Sr. Engineer, Keen&Able Computers, Pvt. Ltd., New   Delhi(Alumni)


Expert lecture on “Entrepreneurship and Blogging” was delivered by  Mr Kulwant Nagi

  • Venue: 304         Date: 8th April 2015    Time:9:30 am-10:30am           
  • Expert  lecture on Entrepreneurship and Blogging

Alumni Details: KulwantNegi
Mobile No.:9467692692
email id :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,

  • Topics were covered in the talk
  • Entrepreneurship(20 Minutes)
    • Definition and Motivation
    • Internet Advertisement
    • Legal Issues
    • .com era.
  • Blogging (15 Minutes)
    • Fundamentals of Blogging
    • Types of Blogs
    • Examples of websites and blogs
  • Q & A (20 minutes)


  • The Alumni and students from current batch have come together to make this happen.
  • BecharaMaara Gaya is adapted from Dario Fos Accidental Death of an Anarchist. The play is a humorous satire on police corruption, underscored by the focus on impersonation, infiltration, and double-talk. A fast-talking character, the Maniac, infiltrates police headquarters. Posing as an investigating judge, he tricks the policemen into contradicting themselves and admitting that they are part of a cover-up involving the death of a suspect in a train bombing.

Writer:- Chanakya Bhardwaj
Director:- Nikhil Malhotra(ALIMNI EECE), Akashtyagi   (ALIMNI EECE)
Production Head:-Gagandeep Singh Oberoi (ALIMNI EECE)
Cast & Crew:-Akanksha Arora, Shashi Suman, Nikhil  Malhotra, AkashTyagi, KartikVijayvergiya, AmitanshuChugh , Kushagra Sharma, MayankJain, Mayank Gupta, Pratyaksh

  • Date & Time:-      28th March 2015, 4:00pm
  • Venue:-              NCU Auditorium


Webinar on Overview of LTE and Wi-Fi was delivered by Rajesh Gupta

  • Date:26.02.2015   Venue: Lab 211  Time:9:00-10:00am
  • Alumni Details: Currently  working with Qualcomm Technologies Incorporated – California, USA in the Research and Business development group.
  • Qualification:Master of Science (Telecommunications) from University of Maryland –College Park, USA in May 2012.
  • Email Id: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  •  Agenda of webinar

LTE (20 Minutes)

  • Key Parameters of LTE
  • What is OFDM?
  • Network Architecture
  • Comparison with UMTS/3G


An Introduction to SC Industry & Preparing for Technical Interview

Front End Mixed Signal Design



  • Alumni Details:  Mr. Pulkit Bhatnagar Sr. Design Engineer, STM, Noida spare his valuable time for guiding students for preparation of technical interview.
  • Day & Date: Saturday, 17th January 2015  Time: 9:30AM to 2:30PM
  • Venue  : Room No. 305
  • Topics Discussed
  • Synthesis
  • RTL Flows
  • Encounter Flows
  • .lib file formats
  • VLSI Industries
  • Projects related to CAD Lab
  • General discussions about interview preparations

Challenges & Recommendations for Custom Layouts at 20nm Process

Alumni Details : Mr. Animesh  Tanwar -  Sr. Design Engineer Cadence Design System, Noida gave an expert lecture on Challenges & Recommendations for Custom Layouts at 20nm Process
Day & Date: Saturday, 20th Sept.,  2014
Time : 01:00PM to 04:00PM
Venue : Room No. 304
Topics Discussed

OOPs & Randomization in System Verilog  Verification

Alumni Details : Ms. Deepika Ahlawat, VLSI Design Engineer, Xinoe Systems (P) Ltd.,Gurugram  delivered one day training on OOPs & Randomization in System Verilog  Verification

Topics Discussed

Basics of OOPs- Static and Global Variables, Ref declaration, Class Methods, Object and Handles, Copying Objects and Public vs Local
Randomization- Constraint Details, Solution Probabilities, Valid and In-Line Constraints, Random Number Function and Rand sequence

Webinar : on Carrer Guidance



  • Date : 17th September
  • Title : ‘Career Guidance’ (PCN ECE2015S004)
  • Venue:  Room no.211
  • Alumni Detail: Mr Vishal Gupta, a 2005 pass out. Currently working with Microsoft.
  • The webinar was organized for the final year students and was held keeping in view the requirement of final year students  for someone to guide them  in choosing the right career and even the courses for further studies. Around  34 students attended the webinar. They even asked the questions which were promptly answered by their senior, much to their satisfaction. It was a very interactive session enjoyed by both the parties


Webinar : “MS and GRE preparation

  • Date:18th September  2015
  • Title : ‘MS and GRE Preparation’ (PCN ECE2015S004)
  • Alumni Detail :Mr Aryan Kaushik 2013 passsout
  • The webinar was organized for 5th sem ECE students. The students who are interested in higher studies from abroad attended the webinar. It was an interactive session, followed by questionnaire.
  • Five students were allotted to the alumni for further guidance.


Webinar :Preparation for Group Discussions

  • Date:25th September 2015
  • Title : ‘Group Discussion’
  • Venue: ROOM NO 211
  • Alumni Detail :Mr Deepak Sukhija 2013  
  • Pass out Currently working with
  • Infosys
  • The webinar was organized for 5th sem EEE/ECE students. The objective is to provide tips to the students for cracking GD’s in placement followed by questionnaire.


Carrer Opportunities for ECE /EEE Graduates>
Alumni Details: Abhinav
Date:25th September 2015
Venue: Room no 406N
Title : ‘Carrer opportunities’
Alumni Discussed job opportunities available for ECE/EEE graduates. He motivated the students that in addition to  IT and CORE ECE sector  they can explore other sectors like banking, management  jobs. He further guided them on improving project quality.

Topic : Basic Ethics and etiquette to follow in corporate life



  • Date:3rd November 2015
  • Title :  Basic Ethics and etiquette to follow in corporate life
  • Venue: ROOM NO 214
  • Alumni Detail :
  • Name: Siddharth joon, Networking Engineer ( Graduate engineer trainee)
  • Company: Graduate programmer, Fidelity
  • Siddharth joon ,  delivered a Guest Talk on "Basic Ethics and etiquette to follow in corporate life" to B.Tech 3rd and 4th year ECE students. He discussed about the basic work culture and code of conduct there. He also talked about preparing CV, appearing in interview and going for good projects


Expert Talk: Basics of Networking

  • Date:3rd November 2015
  • Title : ‘Technical Interview/GD cracking’
  • Venue: ROOM NO 214
  • Alumni Detail :
  • Name: Sandeep Yadav, Networking Engineer ( Graduate engineer trainee)
  • Company: Orange Business Service (Cybercity, Gurugram)
  • Sandeep Yadav ,  delivered a Guest Talk on " Basics of Networking "  to B.Tech 3rd and 4th year ECE students. He discussed in detail about the job profile there and how to prepare for written and interview in a networking firm. He also suggested them to go for projects and summer internships in a networking firm.


Webinar: Future of technology consulting



  • Date:6th November 2015
  • Title : Future of technology consulting
  • Venue: ROOM NO 216
  • Alumni Detail
  • Name of Alumni : Tanmoy Bose
  • Topic of the lecture: Future of technology consulting
  • Date and time: 6 November 2015   ( 9am-10am)
  • E-mail ID: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • The webinar was organized for 5th sem EEE/ECE students.