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Vision and Strengths


To be a sought-after Centre for Language Learning that employs novel methodologies to encourage appropriate use of language in order to reconcile the varying demands of communication in the modern socio-economic milieu.


  1. A robust and strong curriculum catering to the needs of industry for providing effective Communication Skills to the students. The courses have been designed keeping in mind the changing global patterns in business and communication.
  2. It caters to the emerging need of not only polishing the interactive skills of students in English but also affording them an opportunity to acquire proficiency in foreign languages like French, German and Spanish that are offered by the Centre.
  3. The Centre is rich in Intellectual Capital. The Faculty is well qualified and experienced and dedicated.
  4. The Centre has up-to-date facilities and infrastructure like a well equipped language laboratory, internet facility for all etc.
  5. In the delivery of courses of Effective Communication and Foreign Languages, faculty uses innovative teaching aids and learning resources such as LMS, videos of motivational speakers , role plays and  interactive group discussions interspersed with rubric based evaluation.