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Soft Skills Course

CLP 310 Work Life Readiness (0-0-2) 1 credit

Brief Syllabus: Entrepreneurship :Defining entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship process; Myths of entrepreneurship; Match your skills with business; Managing workplace; Mobilizing resources; Compiling the business plan,Compensation and Negotiation skills : Understanding compensation; Compensation structure; Tax saving module; Understanding negotiation; Phases of negotiation; Difficulties in negotiating; Closing or wrapping up in negotiation, Attitude: Understanding attitude; Components of attitude; Formation of attitude; Process of change in attitude; Relationship between attitude and Behaviour; Attitude in workplace; Job satisfaction and attitude, Positive thinking and motivation: Right Thinking; Optimism and health; Mantras to be positive; Draw upon that higher power; Write your own script; Five words that create results; Identify the hurdle; Program your mind for the best; Positive thinking exercises,Business ethics: Understand business ethics; Importance of business ethics in academic level; Triple bottom line of sustainability; Ethical challenges from an individual perspective; Ethics, culture and values; Ethical management,Mock GD/PI and aptitude skills :Practice and rehearsals with individual feedback


CLP300 Campus to Corporate (0-0-2) 1 credit

Brief Syllabus: Resume Powerful grooming writing skills: Difference between CV/ Resume / Bio data; Importance of a professional resume; Writing objectives; Cover letter; Resume writing layout Analytical skills: Verbal skills; Reasoning; Perceptual speed & accuracy; Handle analytical questions Group discussion skills: Understanding group discussion; Kinds of group discussion; Techniques to handle group discussion; Case study group discussion; Mock Group discussions.

Powerful grooming: Importance of grooming; Powerful dressing for men and women; Body language postures and gesturesInterview skills:  Understanding interview process; Types of interview; Handling case study interview; Do’s and Don’ts in an interview; Interview cracking techniques;Frequently asked questions in the interview.Personality: Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)Mocks GD/PI: Practice and rehearsals with feedback