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TEDx The NorthCap University

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDxNorthcapUniversity brought an indispensable opportunity of erudition.

Talks aimed to curate a journey of enlightenment, aided by brilliant ideas shared by diverse speakers. The TEDxNorthcapUniversity 2016 conference promised to bring out ideas niched behind the barriers, be it societal or shrouded in the subconscious.


Theme: “Tracing the mind of influencers”


Speakers of TEDxThe NorthCap University


Oscar Farnandes


Prof. Pushpesh Pant

Food Critic + Teacher

Adil Hussain


Anubhav Wadhwa


Arunav Gupta

Lifestyle coach






Aseem Trivedi


Kashish Jhamb

CEO, Teacher

Manish Tyagi

Naval officer + standup comedian

Rijo Thomas


Shubhra Puri





Student Seminar on "Enhancement of Memory, Brain Power and Health

Centre for Languages Learning organized Student Seminar for 2nd year CSE students on "Enhancement of Memory, Brain Power and Health" by Maj. Gen. (Retd.) CM Seth on April 28, 2016 from 12:30 to 1:30 pm in Seminar Hall.  The seminar highlighted the fact that an average person uses 2-4% of his brain power, that too left side of the brain. In the majority of this percentage of utilization, the right side of the brain by and large remains un-utilized. The best scenario would be if both sides of the brain are active so that full potential of the brain is utilized. The right side of the brain is more important as it is related with creativity which is essential to succeed in life. Simple techniques were given on how to activate both sides of the brain so that students can excel in exams as well as in their profession. Along with this, the techniques to enhance lasting memory and tips to maintain good health to keep the brain were also elaborated upon. We all face stress and anger in our day to day life In fact, stress and anger are the enemies of the brain power. Techniques to control stress and anger were also included in the talk.



Altercation: The Great Debate

Abhivyakt, the debating society under Centre for Languages Learning (CLL) organized Altercation: The Great Debate, an Inter-Departmental debate competition on April 26, 2016. The subject of the debate was “Sedition (124A IPC) and Freedom of Expression”. After analyzing the teams meticulously on the basis of their articulation and oration skills in the preliminary rounds, one premier team from each Department/School was promoted to the final round. Ten students representing five Departments/Schools mesmerized the audience with their eloquent and comprehensive speeches. With Prof. Pushpesh K Pant as its moderator, the debate brimmed with intellectual arguments on the existing sedition laws and the idea of free speech in India.

The event concluded with Prof. Pant congratulating the students on their outstanding performance. The judges declared School of Law as the winner of the debate while CSE department secured the second position. The winning department was awarded a trophy and cash prize of Rs.3000 while the runner-up department was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 2000.The faculty coordinators were Dr. Divyabha and Ms. Shivani Sharma. The student coordinators were SachinRajawat, Sukrit, Vineet, Naman and Sunetra.



FDP on Communication Skills

FDP for NCU faculty was conducted on 17th February, 2017 at 10: 30 am in R No N 205 .The interactive session provided inputs & practice on speaking with appropriate descriptions ofsituations. It also included practice on speaking confidently before an audience. Tips on conversations along with grammar inputs were shared with participants. The session was conducted by MsPrerna Chauhan.

Mainstream - Current Affairs Club

The students of Mainstream Club of CLL organised an event called "Dynamic Minds- Let's get it" on 9 February, 2017. The main objective of the event was to test the awareness and general knowledge in various areas of students. The competition was open to every student in the university. 

Students turned out in numbers and participated with great enthusiasm.

The event was a Quiz competition and had 3 rounds. 

The first 2 rounds were knockout rounds whereas the 3rd round was the final deciding round.

First prize was bagged by Rohit Yadav from Mechanical engineering (3rd year).

Mainstream Club Activity in Progress

CLL Club Lingua Franca

Club'Lingua Franca' organised an event called "Aircrash". It was held on 9th February 2017 in room no N408. The participants were required to write their experience as a famous personality stuck in an aircrash. They were supposed to give reasons as to why they should be the one to survive during the plane crash. Every participant put on their best foot forward and participated enthusiastically. The winner was from I year CSE branch.



.CLUB ABHIVYAKT: Extempore Competition

YUMS (Yes, U May Speak), an Extempore competition was organisedby Club Abhivyakton 9th February 2017 by CSE first year students Rajat Bajaj, Rohan Kevin Broach, Rohin Singh and Rohan Grover, under the guidance and supervision of DrDivyabha.

It was an Extempore competition with a twist, as it involved offbeat and quirky topics, instead of the generic and serious ones. The topics were created with potential for creativity and humor in mind. Around 18 speakers from different Departments and Schools participated. The judgment of the speakers was based on creativity in content, humor value and confidence. 
The best speakers showcased wits and had the audience laughing throughout their Extempore. 
The main aim of YUMS was to use a formal and serious format, and turn it into something everyone enjoyed and had fun with.The event was a success with appreciation from the audience and speakers alike. The students expressed their excitement for more such events.

Rahul Ghosh was the winner and Rishika Deswal was the runner up. Special mention to Tanay Aggrawal for speaking on a bonus topic as well.



Network “n+i” is a consortium of 50 elite French Engineering Institutes covering all domains of engineering studies. A delegation of representatives and professors of this network were visting India from 6 th February to 9 th February 2017. Engineering students from our university were invited to be a part of this Education Fair held at the Embassy of France in India, New Delhi. Students from II and III year from our university attended this Education tour on 7 th February and had one-on- one interaction with the delegates. The Network “n+i” Engineering Institutes is a not for profit public benefit association partnered with Alliance Française, Campus France and French Embassy in India along with few other organisations. It has created a complete programme (known as path to success) to help science and engineering students and young engineers wish to study for a Masters or a PhD in France.

Some of the French institutes include EPF, ENSICAEN, ENSIAME,ENSGTI, ISIFC, ENSISA, ENSEEIHT and Mines Albi. It is for students or young engineers with a degree in engineering science (B.Tech, B.Eng, B.Sc, B.Phil, Licenciatura etc. Information about the French Institutes and the programmes they offer, scholarships, fee structure and the stay in France was given to the students and it seems to be a good opportunity for future. DrDivyabha coordinated this n+i visit.



The event ‘Analytical Thinking’ under the CLL Club Success Mantra was held on 6 February 2017. It was conducted by student coordinators namely Surbhi,Yukti, Ritika and Shrey from branch ECE B I year.

The event consisted of thirteen participants who played a game named 'Psych'.The participants were given an online application ‘Psych,’ which included group of four people to play one round. Each group was given different categories such as word up, quiz up, and many more. Each group was given different questions according to their chosen categories and all the members of the group answered their respective question. When everyone entered their answers, five  options appeared on the screen out of which one option was computerised. 


If member A opted the option entered by member B, then B got one mark and vice versa till all the four members chose an option without knowing which option is whose. At the end of the round everyone provided their earlier typed answer and  the person with the highest score won. Finally, three participants Sudeepa,Yukti&Sanchit of first year ECE branch won from three different groups.



Club Success Mantra Activity in progress

Club Mainstream

A Collage Making competition was organized by Mainstream Club on 4 February 2016. The theme was “Incredible India in 2015: An Year in review”.  Six teams participated in the competition. Each team comprised of two participants.

The competition aimed at raising student awareness about India’s achievements in 2015. Be it the state of political, social and cultural affairs within the country or multilateral ties with other countries- the year 2015 was significant in India’s emergence as a superpower. The students captured this stream of thought in their collages. 






A poetry recitation competition was organized on behalf of the literary society of our University,”SAMVAAD” on 4th Feb  from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. under the guidance of Dr. Divyabhavashisth. We saw a tremendous response from the students as there were about  fifteen to twenty students from various Departments that took part in this event. Samvaad  believes that poetry recitation is an effective method for students to increase their appreciation for language and cement their mastery over public speaking The judgement was on the basis of their performance, way of reciting, confidence level and content  of the poem, as many students recited their own creations which enhanced the level of the competition .These club  activitiesforces our new generation to find hidden gems in literature and it develops their creative thinking and imagining capability. In the end , results were declared a day after and Sidharthsaxena  from the  1st year emerged as the winner , but what’s important is that at last nothing but creativity and literature won.



Club ‘Success Mantra’ conducted an activity on writing skills ‘Blog to Express’ on 04 February, 2016 in Room No. 112. Three contemporary topics were given to the students and 30 minutes were given to express their views. Prizes were given to first and second winner and participation certificates to all.


Club activity Blog to Express in Progress

‘Extempore’ by Abhivyakt-the speech and debating club of NCU

Abhivyakt-the speech and debating club of NCU, organised  an event  ‘Extempore’ during the club week on 3 February 2016. The participants in the competition had to articulate their points of view for 1 minute 30 seconds, and were granted merely 1 minute to ponder over the motion. The adjudicators managed to get some well thought out topics which ranged from- “Dress code in college” to “laws related to defamation should be scrapped”. Naman Jain, Vineet Yadav and Sahil Bansal, successfully organised an extempore competition.

Club- Lingua Franca conducted an activity ‘Social

Extempore’ on 19 February, 2015 in room no. N208.

The event dealt with exposing participants to a spontaneous delivery of their views upon social problems pertaining to the nation.

The students were judged on different parameters including body language, fluency and presentation.

Prize was given to the winner and participation certificates to all participants.


Club ‘Lingua Franca’- Activity in progress

Club – ‘Success Mantra’ Conducted  an activity on public speaking ‘Your Views Matter”  - on 18 February, 2015 in Room No. N208

23 registrations were made

Three contemporary issues were given to students and they were made to express their views in a time frame of 5 minutes.

Prizes were given to first and second winner and participation certificates to all.


Activity of Club Success Mantra in Progress

Mainstream club organised ''My Savvy Politician",an activity as part of ITMU  'club week' on 19th Feb'15.The brief is as under:

  • Participant students acted as members of parliament and gave answers to questions asked to them by public / media.The questions were on current affairs topics related to different areas of governance. The most convincing and well-communicated answers got maximum credits A faculty judge evaluated the quality of answers given.Three winners were chosen in the activity:

1. Pranab Gambhir 13ECU100

2. Shivansh Ajmani 13ECU116

3. Sagar Pahuja 13ECU110