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Communication Courses

CLL 101 Effective Communication I (1-0-2) 2 credits

Brief Syllabus: Enriching vocabulary through technical words/ expressions/ phrases, Common errors in Writing (pertaining to parts of speech), Concept and Scope of Communication, Barriers to Communication, Descriptive Writing, Précis writing, Business and Technical Letters, Memorandums and Notices, Reading Comprehension, Extended Speech- Short Talk - Prepared and Impromptu, Interactive Communication, Conversational skills, Seminar skills, Presentation Strategies; Group communication, Communication and social behavior, listening skills, Note taking skills.


CLL 102 Effective Communication II (1-0-2) 2 credits

Brief Syllabus: 7 C’s of Effective communication, Choosing the appropriate word for clarity and conciseness; Foreign words and expressions used in business correspondence, Business and Technical  Reports, Technical proposals, E- Mail writing, Analytical Writing, Readings of Select Literary texts , Group Discussion, Role-play activities, Public speaking, Debate Simulated conversation, Delivering Presentations, Working on Attitudes- aggressive, assertive, submissive; Interpersonal relationships, Personality analysis-Analysis of strengths and weaknesses, Time Management, Interview negotiation skills, Listening for gist. Project on Report Writing


CLL 100 Business Communication (1-0-2) 2 credits

Brief Syllabus: Communication: meaning, process and significance, barriers to communication, 7 C’s of Effective Communication, Building Soft Skills ,Elements of body language: Personal appearance, Posture and Attire, Eye Contact, Gestures and Voice skills, Functional Grammar Common errors in writing (pertaining to Parts of speech), Business Writing Précis Writing; Business Letters- Inquiry, Quotations and Orders, Complaint and Adjustment, Credits and Collection, Sales Letter; Memorandum & Notices; Business and Technical reports; Resume/ CV, Job Application; E-mail writing, Speaking Skills Presentation Skills; Group Discussions; Interview Skills; Communication Skills- Questioning and Speaking persuasively; Business Etiquette; Mock Interviews