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At The NorthCap University, students have many varied opportunities to participate in the performing arts. These include opportunities to perform in theater productions, music ensembles or dance groups, or to become involved in committees that sponsor speakers or organize cultural festivals. The University is also a part of the internationally famous organization SPIC MACAY (Society for Promotion of Indian Music and Culture Amongst Youth). The students thereby get an opportunity to develop an awareness of Indian culture and heritage. Some of the artists, honouring us by their visit are:- Pandit Neeladri Kumar, Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Pandit Salil Bhatt, Shri T.N. Krishnan, Shrimati Savita Devi, Pandit Panchakshri Swami Mattigatti, Pandit Ronu Mazumdar. among others.




The bi-annual student magazine ‘Vector Tech’ is a forum to help develop the creative abilities of students and staff. It reflects the attitude, ambitions and dreams of the entire generation of college students through the articles it contains. It contains a host of literary articles, etc. It also provides a host of thought provoking articles on the latest developments in the field of science.


Community Development

The NorthCap University is active in many forms of community service and believes that serving the community has rich rewards. Our students are active in many forms of community service, from teaching the under privileged to planning environment projects. The University conducts Blood Donation Camps on a regular Basis in association with the Red Cross Society and the Rotary Bank. The University also lends forward its support to the underprivileged with the help of NGO’s like PRAYAS, CRY etc.

The NorthCap University recognizes that technology must trickle down to the grass root level and should not be confined to a select elite group. Whereas, the University has been established to produce trained manpower at the graduate level in selected engineering disciplines, in accordance with its mandate, the University is committed to a balanced growth of the region. It is with this motivation that, we visit villages around the University for providing help in legal matters, swatch abhiyan, children education etc.



The University offers excellent, wide-ranging opportunities, to its students to participate in recreational, creative and cultural activities. 


The University celebrates its cultural Festival called ‘Momentum’ each year, which is a five day programme packed with a number of cultural, technical and literary competitions. There includes a host of events like Debates, Group Discussions, Fashion Show, Quiz Programmes, Poetry Recitation, Singing Competition, Musical Performance by popular artists, JAM Sessions, dramatics, indoor and outdoor sports, dance competitions, and much more. It clearly exemplifies the zeal of our students towards the non-traditional side of education as well. Our students are trained equally towards classroom coaching and on–stage cultural presentations. 


Participation is such activities helps the students develop their ability to organize such activities and lad an integrated life. They develop skills for effective oral and written communication. The students who participate and organize the festival are given medals, prizes and certificates. 




The University also organizes a technical festival called ‘Cerebration’ where the students get an opportunity to participate in various technical events like Motor Boat Racing, Technical Paper Presentations, IT Symposiums Project Displays, LAN Gaming, De-bugging, On the Spot Programming etc. 


The students, by participating is such technical events get an opportunity to put into practice the technical knowledge they have acquired by spending four years in their engineering courses.


Stress Management

The University organizes various workshops and seminars in order to help the students and the staff fight stress inducing pressures that are so integral a part of the modern competitive world. The University organizes workshops with the help of the Art of Living foundation and other such foundations. These workshops are specifically designed for the teaching fraternity and the students to handle stress and strains related to their work domain and also to realize full potential and optimize deliveries on both personal and technical fronts.

The objective of such workshops is to enable a student handle stress and strain of studies and exams as well as pressures of jobs, parents and society.