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The NorthCap University Alumni Affairs

Some moments in the life of a professional mean so much more, especially when these are spent amongst the alumni, teachers and mentors of our alma mater. No one denies the innate connect with the alma mater that transcends boundaries and is a source of huge bonding and progress. Where are you? Your alma mater cordially invites you.

NCU Gurugram has been producing top class engineers, business leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and legal professionals every year through its various under graduate and post graduate programs. Many NCU alumni have successfully found jobs in multinational enterprises, EPC firms, IT and telecom companies, consulting firms, manufacturing companies, banks and research institutes. They are widely recognized for leading change through the skillful application of their knowledge, perspectives, and insight. They are distinguished by their strategic approach to business challenges and the pursuit of opportunities

The NCU Alumni Association brings all these outstanding professionals and their collective wealth of knowledge, skills and experience together on a single platform. This shared wisdom and excellence is our contribution to the budding student community pursuing their studying at the Institute in particular and the society as a whole in general.


NCU Alumni Association aims to provide a platform for networking among the alumni, the institute, industry experts and NCU students to enable the institute to add value to all its stakeholders.


  • To promote and foster mutually beneficial friendship and networking between the Alumni and the present students of NCU and between the Alumni themselves.
  • To encourage the Alumni to take an active and abiding interest in the work and progress of the The NorthCap University by providing:
    • Leads for placement of the students.
    • Opportunities for the summer internship of our students.
    • Technical support with the help of invited talks to our students
    • Feedback for upgrading our academic curriculum to meet the industry requirements.
  • To maintain an up-to-date and comprehensive database of NCU alumni
  • To identify and promote alumni success and achievements to advance the credibility and reputation of the University.
  • To maintain, deepen and strengthen an enduring lifelong relationship between alumni and their alma mater through opportunities that promote interaction and engagement with NCU.
  • To inspire alumni to contribute to the development of the University and the promotion of its good name and reputation, locally and internationally.
  • To strengthen ties between the Institute and alumni and encourage them to participate in the various cultural and social activities
  • To keep alumni informed and connected to NCU through a comprehensive communication like NCU News Letter and social media that inspires commitment to and confidence in the University.

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