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Vision, Mission & Core Values


“To be known globally for learning innovations, academic excellence and socially relevant research outcomes; strive to become the preferred destination for students, faculty, employers and collaborators & pride of alumni and the community.”



  • Focus on quality oflearning and innovation in all programmes with rigour and relevance.
  • Develop competent professionals - innovative, analytical and independent; committed to excel in all their endeavours.
  • Develop linkages globally with government, industry, academia and alumni for knowledge generation, dissemination and application.
  • Encourage multi-disciplinarity in programmes and projects to explore new frontiers of knowledge.
  • Continuously improve physical, academic and information infrastructure in pursuit of academic excellence.
  • Create a nurturing environment for lifelong learning.
  • Focus on entrepreneurship and socially relevant projects.


Core Values

  • Integrity in all endeavours.
  • Humility, compassion and concern for all.
  • Passion for quality and excellence.
  • Quest for innovation.
  • Leadership and Team Spirit.
  • Autonomy with Accountability.
  • Perseverance.