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Ms Praneet Kaur

Ms Praneet Kaur
Visiting Faculty
MA San Jose, CA, USA 

Praneet is a communication expert and a master trainer. She works with multiple corporate clients and universities to maximize the potential and performance of organizations and people.

 She specializes in Interpersonal, Inter- cultural and social behaviour communication. Praneet holds her degree of Masters in Communication Studies from San Jose’, CA, USA and has a diverse experience of training in various academic fields. She has been a prime time radio anchor in California and has interned with a leading media company NBC Universal for a lifestyle show.

Praneet firmly believes that technology cannot replace human values and promotes an interdisciplinary approach in learning. Linking the practical training with a scholarly and critical education of communication is what thrills her. She grounds her pedagogy by emphasizing on dialogue, commitment and intellectual growth. She is also actively involved in various community events.