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Ms Anuradha

Ms Anuradha

Assistant Professor
PhD (Computer Science & Engineering), NCU, Gurugram
B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering), Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra
M.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering), MDU, Rohtak
Ms. Anuradha did her graduation in B.Tech computer Science and Engineering from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra in 2007 and M.Tech in Computer science and Engineering with distinction from MDU, Rohtak. She is currently pursuing PhD in the field of data mining, soft computing, pattern recognition and machine learning. She has published 10 research papers in various national and international conferences/Journals. She holds ANIIT Certification from NIIT, and has also earned Microsoft certification in SQL Server. She has also attended certification courses on CCNA and cyber security. She is a technical program committee member INDIACom- 2016(IEEE Conference).She is reviewer of various international conferences(IEEE, Springer, Elsevier etc.) including INDIACom-2016, VisionNet’15, ISTA15 ,ISTA16, ICACCI15, ICACCI16, SSCC15, SSCC16 and IWICP-2015 etc. She is reviewer of International Journal of Fuzzy and Rough set (IGI Global) journal. Her core subjects are Database, Data Structure, Data warehouse, Data Mining, C/C++/Java. She is a member of Data Science Institute, IEEE, and ACM etc.
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