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Dr Latika Singh

Dr Latika Singh
Associate Professor & HOD
PhD, National Brain Research Centre, Gurugram
MIT, GJU, Hisar,
BSc, Kurukshetra University
Dr Latika is an Associate Professor and chair of the computer science engineering and information technology department at The NorthCap University since 2012. She received her Bachelors degree from Kurukshetra University and Masters from GJU. She received her PhD from National Brain Research Institute in computational sciences in 2007..
Her research interests center in studying the speech disorders in children with neurodevelopmental disorders mainly through the application of digital signal processing, data-mining, statistics and modelling. She has published several research papers in peer-reviewed journals of Elsevier, Blackwell etc and conferences. She has been member of several technical programme committees of International conferences. She was convener of IEEE conference IACC2014 where several delegates from India and abroad participated. She has also worked on two research project sponsored by Govt of India. 
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