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Prof. SK Jain

Prof. SK Jain
PhD, Delhi University
MSc, Delhi University


Prof. Sushil Kumar Jain has done his PhD (1978) in Physics MSc (1974) from Delhi University. He joined National Physical Laboratory as Scientist B in 1978 and superannuated as Chief Scientist in 2014. He has contributed to R & D in ultrasonic transducers and devices for high power and underwater applications, photovoltaic silicon solar cells, and metrology of force related parameters publishing more than 110 research publications. He is Chief Editor of the J. Pure and Appl. Ultrasonics and is actively associated with NABL in mechanical calibration.

Area of Expertise:Ultrasonic and piezoelectric transducers and devices. Piezoelectric materials. Piezo-nanocomposites. High power ultrasonic. Photovoltaic solar cells. Force and torque measurement. Force and torque transducers.

Research Publications: 60 in SCI journals




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