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Dr Seema Thakran

Dr Seema Thakran
Assistant Professor (Sr. Scale)
PhD, Delhi University

She has brilliant academic record and has been an outstanding student throughout her studies. She secured first position in  Post Graduation. She was Topper in Tenth standard in all streams in school. She had won cash prize and Scholarship in Science Scholarship Competition . She Assisted the Food Committee in the ‘International Conference on Operator Theory and Related Areas’ held at the Department of Mathematics, University of Delhi, during January 9-12, 2008. Her research domain includes Algebraic Coding theory ,Information Theory and Cryptography.She  earned her doctoral degree at the Department of Mathematics, Delhi University  on the topic ‘Generalised Reed-Muller Codes'. She is presently interested in exploring new dimensions in her  field . She has  presented 3  research papers in national and international conferences.

She  has  published several research papers in reputed international journals including SCI journals.  She is associated with the University since Jan 2017. She is member of various reputed Mathematical Societies including American Mathematical society , Life member of Indian Science Congress Association, Life member of Ramanujan Mathematical Society, Life member of Indian Mathematical Society . She has almost 7 years teaching and 7 years of research experience. 

Area of Expertise : Algebraic Coding theory ,Information Theory and Cryptography.


5 Seema Thakran and Vinod Tyagi

“New Class of double inductive error correcting codes based on the class of GRM and DGRM codes over GF (2)”, Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications, Vol.6.No.1,2014, pp 1-14, DMAA ISSN NO. 1793-8319.

4 Vinod Tyagi and Seema Rani

“Recursive matrix method for GRM and DGRM codes”, International journal of Pure and applied Mathematics, Bulgaria, (IEJPAM),Vol.4, No. 4(2012), pp. 263-270., IEJPAM ISSN NO. 1314-0744.

3 Seema Rani and Vinod Tyagi

“Z4- Linear GRM Codes”, Journal of Combinatorics ,Information and System Sciences (JCISS), Vol. 37(2012), no.12,  pp. 51-60. JCISS ISSN NO. 0250-9628.

2. Vinod Tyagi and Seema Rani

“New Construction of GRM codes”, Asian European Journal of Mathematics (AEJM), Vol.5, no.1 (2012),  pp. 1-16. AEJM ISSN NO. 1793-7183, IMPACT FACTOR- 0.55

1. Navneet  singh  rana , Seema Rani and Vinod Tyagi

“(1,2) Optimal codes over GF(q)” in Proceedings of the 14th International workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing and Transmission , Chonbuk National University ,Korea. 8 Nov.2010.

Paper Presentationed In National And International Conferences

Presenting Author

1. Presented “Recursive Matrix Method for GRM and DGRM codes”, National Seminar for Research Scholars held at the Department of Mathematics, University of Delhi March 24-25, 2012.

2. Presented “Z4 Linear GRM Codes”, Academic activities of Eighteenth International Conference of Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics on Interdisciplinary Mathematical and Statistical Techniques (IMST 2009-FIM XVIII) held at the Jaypee University of Information Technology Waknaghat, 173215(HP) India August 2-4, 2009. 


3.“(1,2) Optimal Codes over GF(q)”, In proceedings of The 14th International workshop on Multimedia Signal Proceedings and Transmission (MSPT),Chonbuk National University


1.I appointed as a Reviewer for ‘Mathematical Reviews’ a database presented in MathSci Net and covers research literature in Mathematics by means of reviews written by subject experts.