The NorthCap University


The purpose of the ASCE student chapter is to increase participation and interest in the civil engineering discipline through involvement with practicing engineers, the national organization, and community service.


ASCE brings in practicing engineers to inform students about the civil engineering field. Social events are also held so that students can get to know each other outside of class. There are also opportunities for students to participate in national student competitions.

What are some benefits of membership?

  • Opportunity to meet other civil engineering student and practicing professionals.
  • Monthly issues of Civil Engineering magazine and ASCE NEWS.
  • Eligibility for over $75,000 in scholarships and awards.
  • Involvement in student activities.
  • Information about critical issues that affect civil engineers.
  • Recognition by prospective employers.
  • Salary information for entry-level and experienced jobs.
  •  Annual participation ASCE events wordwide

Official membership requirements and responsibilities

  • Applicants for Student National Membership shall be members of an ASCE student organization at NCU and be enrolled in a civil engineering, civil engineering technology or related curriculum.
  • Student members as all other members of ASCE will be responsible for conforming to the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules of Policy and Procedure of the Society and to its Code of Ethics.