Vidhi Sachdeva

Reflecting on last one year, my journey has been full of moments of extremes. There were times when I was confident about my future and then there were periods of anxiety and doubt as well. The only constant factor remained the mentoring I received from my faculty and elders. At times, to take a ste… p forward, it is necessary to pause and analyse what is it that we want to do and where is it that we want to go. The answers may not strike us immediately but the process of introspection often directs us to the path we would undertake.
I worked for over a year at a leading multinational corporation and the experience had been enriching owing to the challenges, opportunities and learnings. Yet, I felt a gap when viewed with the lens of career longevity. I regularly visited our college to discuss with the faculty and gain their insights. Their experiences, anecdotes and advices are invaluable and I often found my confusion clarified after a hearty discussion. Eventually I started preparing for various entrances to pursue higher education in management. It required a lot of self-discipline, focus and clarity of thought to keep myself motivated. Consistent and sustained efforts coupled with a calm and patient attitude helped me prepare well. Results came in January this year and then ensured the process of interviews. As I await the results, I feel blessed to have been guided by the best faculty and have the support of my family and friends who never failed to encourage me. P.S. It is nostalgic to see junior batches contacting me to discuss the same doubts that I had a year ago 🙂 Feels like life has come a complete circle indeed!
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