Rahul Gupta

When I joined The NorthCap University in the first year, I always used to hear from the seniors that Deloitte is the best company and everyone was keen to be a part of it. So somewhere in the back of my mind I had already set an aim for myself. Now that I have been placed in Deloitte I feel self-sat… isfaction and more confidence in myself. But the journey from the first year till Deloitte was not easy at all. From the first year I knew that for being a part of Deloitte or any other good company I had to do something different from most of the other students. I felt that I required to utilize my college time to the fullest for my overall development like improving my communication and presentation skills along with academics. I started working with dedication and side by side I used to ensure that I do well in academics too. Now it feels so good that all my efforts have been fruitful and that our University takes pride in our success.SPA and all faculty members have been very helpful especially during the placement time and lastly I would say hard work and luck both go hand in hand so one should always keep trying in life.    Read more

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