Mahak Chawla

The culture and environment at NCU always motivated me to work hard to achieve my goals. The latest tools available helps me to lean and practice more on the state of the art practices of the VLSI industry.

Mitsu A Thomas

“Obtaining a P.G. degree from NCU was the most beautiful decision of my life. It has given me and my fellow classmates’ multiple opportunities, not only to showcase our critical and creative abilities in the field of research but also in many other activities like paper presentation, poster presentation and research paper writing.”


“The department of Mechanical engineering prepared me to crack high profile interviews. I learned management concept, principle and their application in real life through Project work, case studies and presentations. Mentor-ship provided by the senior faculty inculcate confidence in dealing with issues that confront me on daily basis.”


“Studying here was a great way to start analyzing and criticizing the various aspects of engineers learning. During study of the course, I experienced many new things, received encouragement to explore my talent as well as improve and obtain more skill in the areas that were my weaker points”


I really like the fact that the no. of students in the tutorial classes are not many and the faculties are amazingly in solving doubts, interactive and also very helpful in and outside campus. The plus point is they were always there to help me.”


“The focus on extra curricular activities schedule round the years at NCU provided me a baseline to showcase my talents and lent me a unique identity and an expressive personality. I am proud to be associated with NCU.


“Four long years were a kind of great learning experience. I experienced many physical activitites linking theoretical concepts to physical world. And now that I’m out, I miss NCU the most. It’s was lika my family.”


“Looking back at the 4 years that I spent at NCU, there are so good experiences that come in my mind. I had the pleasure of completing my graduation from NCU. From the first day itself the college has surprised me with such a phenomenal step by step learning process. The campus is beautiful, teachers are very supportive. Helped in getting preparations for the interviews.  Here, You can enter with no confusion and department will serves the purpose of moulding you up in each and every step”


“Whenever I am making new decisions and growth in my career, I always remember NCU with gratitude. It gave me a strong foundation to be what I am today.”


“NCU is the name which, I can’t forget in my whole life. The precious four years of my life are spent in its campus. When I had taken admission here, I was very immature and had no aim. But after spending time here, I’ve got very good friends and very friendly environment. Teachers are very supportive with friendly nature”