Vaibhav Rajput

My journey in NCU is a blissful memory which will always stay with me. These years can be summed into the time from sitting in the middle of strangers having no idea what it means to be in a University on the first day to celebrate the joy of receiving the offer letter from Fidelity with my friends
for life.It goes without stating that this success was a combined effort of a lot of people and a result of a lot of experiences. I was lucky to have a lot of supportive teachers to guide me and mentor me through all the courses and projects. Over the years, as I got to know more and more teachers, I learned that all of them had precious knowledge and experience to offer. Also, I had help and support from a lot of friends who always motivated me to keep pushing hard. These complaisant people have always stayed by my side till date. The variety of courses, projects and activities taught me to become more and more adaptive, creative and inquisitive. Further, the deadlines which came with them trained me to manage time and make decisions.In all these years I’ve realized that NCU is not the place, but the people. The experiences and skills they have given me will help me throughout my corporate life which awaits me.
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Ketan Singhal

I feel honoured to be a part of THE NORTHCAP UNIVERSITY (FORMERLY ITM UNIVERSTIY), as it was the steppingstone of my career. I am thankful to all my professors and acquaintances for assisting me throughout my college life. In this competitive world, job satisfaction with career choice is like a dre… am come true for any engineer. However, NCU’s School of Professional Attachment (SPA) has provided me with that opportunity by bringing such an esteemed organization (LUTRON) which I cannot describe by words. It’s a feeling which can only be felt. Now, I am associated with LUTRON as an Integrated Systems Representative. I still remember my initial rounds of interview process with LUTRON. After 5th round, I was like I will not have any regret if I don’t make it in this company because in those rounds what I had learned was much-much more valuable than anything. Working with LUTRON is not like you are working for the company rather it is working with the FAMILY. It’s been 2 months now with LUTRON, and I am sure I wouldn’t have got any better family than LUTRON. Every single word which they (Recruiters) had said in PPT (Pre placement talk) is true and the work environment is phenomenal. The growth here has no Bar and they will never stop you from gaining knowledge. It’s up to you how much potential you have.
Trust me people (Junior Batches), do show faith in SPA peeps they will never ever let you down.
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Vidhi Sachdeva

Reflecting on last one year, my journey has been full of moments of extremes. There were times when I was confident about my future and then there were periods of anxiety and doubt as well. The only constant factor remained the mentoring I received from my faculty and elders. At times, to take a ste… p forward, it is necessary to pause and analyse what is it that we want to do and where is it that we want to go. The answers may not strike us immediately but the process of introspection often directs us to the path we would undertake.
I worked for over a year at a leading multinational corporation and the experience had been enriching owing to the challenges, opportunities and learnings. Yet, I felt a gap when viewed with the lens of career longevity. I regularly visited our college to discuss with the faculty and gain their insights. Their experiences, anecdotes and advices are invaluable and I often found my confusion clarified after a hearty discussion. Eventually I started preparing for various entrances to pursue higher education in management. It required a lot of self-discipline, focus and clarity of thought to keep myself motivated. Consistent and sustained efforts coupled with a calm and patient attitude helped me prepare well. Results came in January this year and then ensured the process of interviews. As I await the results, I feel blessed to have been guided by the best faculty and have the support of my family and friends who never failed to encourage me. P.S. It is nostalgic to see junior batches contacting me to discuss the same doubts that I had a year ago 🙂 Feels like life has come a complete circle indeed!
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Utkarsh Srivastava

My experience of British Telecom Campus drive was a very smooth and astonishing. The online test conducted was entirely based on the profile they offered and the skills they require for it, which is very relevant and appropriate.
The other two rounds that is technical and HR were also to th… e point and the main attraction of the drive was the management round which was conducted in the office itself.
It was really professional and friendly attitude showed by them as they made us visit the campus and let us have a glimpse of what we’ll be doing as employees of BT.
The senior director Mr. Manish addressed all the selected candidates with warm wishes and inspiring words which gave me a feeling of proud to be shortlisted to work in BT.
Overall my experience with all the officials of the company and placement process is positive and motivating and I feel lucky to be placed in such a big organization as it will give me an opportunity have excessive exposure and learn.”
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Surbhi Chawla

I came to The NorthCap University with the goal of doing something big and different. I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience while studying here. The initial hatred I had for programming made me think that I won’t ever be able to do it. But with the right guidance and support from my teache… rs I not only polished my programming skills but also gathered immense knowledge about modern technologies.
I feel proud to be placed in EY Global. I am thankful to SPA for giving me the right training and a great platform to start my career. Getting a job offer was possible only because of the guidance from my teachers and SPA. It has been a beautiful journey so far and an amazing experience to be a part of this prestigious University.
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Paras Juneja

I have been campus placed in Deloitte recently and I now like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been a part of this Incredible Journey! First and foremost, I would like to appreciate all the efforts the University has taken in making my dream come true. I would like to perso… nally thank the School of Professional Attachment (SPA) for providing me an opportunity for the Deloitte placement process. I would also like to express a special token of gratitude to all the faculty and management of the University in helping me acquire the requisite soft skills, which helped me during the crucial Interview. The practical aspect of the curriculum helped me easily clear the case study round!
My whole Interview was associated with Networking and Cyber Security Domain; hence this testimonial would be incomplete without referring to how indebted I am to the elective courses which are being offered by the Computer Science department.
What I believe is the key to success is assimilating knowledge in every situation. Just grasp the opportunities that you are getting and act like a sponge in all situations!
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Shringa A Vatas

Deloitte is a big name in itself and is the dream company of many students of our University. Deloitte was the first company to come for the recruitment process. The aptitude test was taken right after the pre-placement talk and I cleared it. After a few days the campus drive took place. The first r… ound was the group discussion round. We were divided into groups of ten students each and presented with a case study. We were given five minutes to read the case followed by ten minutes for discussion after which we had to present our thoughts to the moderator through a presentation. We were given sheets of chart paper and had to use them as props. After clearing the group discussion we had the interview round. I had two people in my interview panel. They made me comfortable and asked me to walk them through my resume. I started with my achievements at ASQ with which they were very impressed. My interview was more of an interaction about ASQ and my internship project. At the end they asked me if I had any question for them and I enquired about the different aspects of the job profile. After the interview, the result was announced and I had grabbed the opportunity.
It was a wonderful journey to be a part of NCU. I would like to thank SPA for their continuous guidance and support throughout the journey.
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Ritika Sharma

Protiviti is a global consulting and internal audit firm with experts specializing in risk and advisory services.It was really a dream come true for me when I was selected by Protiviti. Working in one of the Fortune companies is the best start to my career. It was possible because of the constant ef… forts that I put in from the beginning of my journey of becoming an engineer. Besides being good in academics, I also worked upon my communication skills which helped me clear the final two rounds with the Assistant Director and HR of the company. Getting selected in Protiviti wasn’t a cake walk for me but I never gave up. It is the daily effort that pays off at the end. This wouldn’t have been possible without the constant support from the University and my mentors. What I learnt from my journey so far is that failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts. So, just keep working on your goals daily and eventually success will follow.   Read more

Neev Puri

A global consulting firm that delivers deep expertise, a tailored approach to help leaders confidently face the future, with 70 offices over 20 countries. A dream come true and the name is PROTIVITI!When I entered the Protiviti office I was astonished to see the environment and culture and there and…  then I decided that I cannot let this opportunity go. The first level to clear was the aptitude test, next was the GD and after that the technical interview followed by the HR interview and finally I was interviewed by the Director of the company. I felt a sense of confidence within myself as the day progressed.I feel blessed to have been selected in such an organization. I would be failing in my responsibilities if I don’t thank the institution, its management and faculty for making me what I am today. The professionalism, technical and overall development acquired by me at NCU has been immense. As it is rightly said by Colin Powell, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”
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Abha Bhardwaj

I always aspired to be placed in the ‘BIG FOUR’ and getting a job in EY, GDS was like a dream come true. It gives me great pleasure to give back something to my Institute in the form of a vote of thanks for helping me establish myself in the corporate world with ease. It would not have been possible…  without the support which I received from the placement cell and the faculty of The NorthCap University, my fellow batch mates, ever inspiring management team and my parents. The training and knowledge imparted throughout my course to handle challenging situations helped me not only attain confidence but also to score the best campus placement in the highly reputed organization EY. I would like to thank NCU for building my career by recognizing and appreciating my hard work and performance.
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