Dr. Praveen Kr. Lohchab

The legal profession has come a long way from the stereotypical old fashioned lawyer, who was obsessed with legal precedents and nursed a blatant contempt for his client. The lawyer of today is not only a lawyer, but also a business person juggling the demands of increasingly competitive practice. The make-up of legal practice has changed considerably in the last 20 years. The number of practicing lawyers has risen sharply. Women now make up a major chunk of lawyers practicing in Courts as well as working for corporate law firms.

The result of this rapid change in the legal space is that there will be a greater degree of legal specialization than we see today. Already highly stratified, we’ll see sub-specialties within specialties, and specialties within those specialties. The law will become so stratified that a hundred thousand professions will emerge in the profession of law. This hyper-nicheing leads to a curious effect: a supply-demand shock, in which it will become the norm for only a very small number of lawyers who have any real knowledge of a very specialized area of the law. This will further increase the cost of basic legal services, and makes a battleground for access to talent n the provision of global legal services.

Under these circumstances, the The NorthCap University felt the need to establish a Law School to provide highest quality professional legal education to face the new challenges and dimensions of the internationalization of legal profession.

The vision of the NCU Law School is to be ranked “Numero Uno” amongst the premier law schools of the country. NCU Law School will strive to achieve excellence in legal education through globally relevant academic programs, outstanding faculty members, interactive teaching pedagogy, limitless clinical trainings and far-reaching projects

The innovatively conceived 5 year integrated B.B.A.LL.B. (Honours) Degree Program of NCU Law School integrates the study of law with management in a semester mode for enhancing the employability of NCU Law Students and for a stress free legal education in an era of specialty and super specialty subjects.

Learning at NCU Law School would stretch beyond the boundary of prescribed syllabus. A team of distinguished Judges, Legal Practitioners and Consultants, Social Activists, Corporate Counsels, and Faculty Members of law schools across the country would intimately nurture the talent of the students.

NCU Law School would be transformed to an unique “Knowledge Center“ where each student would be empowered with the knowledge, passion and drive to excel as leaders in the legal profession, judiciary, public service, non-profit & non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurships, and corporate entities. NCU Law School would be a preferred destination for every “Law” aspirant and a benchmark for budding law schools of the country.

NCU Law School will be a place of continual activity, and unrelenting vitality. The array of experiences and opportunities that the Law School offers has no parallel in legal education in India. The range of academic and extracurricular activities, along with the variety of faculty and students, will make each day a potential adventure.

NCU Law School’s commitment to rigorous and exciting legal training is intimately connected to the The NorthCap University’s commitment to path breaking scholarship. Using a wide range of methodologNCU Law School will provide in its classrooms and co/extra-curricular activities an extraordinary educational experience. It will inculcate all the required skills such as Good oral and written communication skills, Analytical and Reasoning Skills, Initiative, Personal Impact, Resilience, Teamwork, Legal Awareness, Planning and Organizing, through its innovative course matrixies and bringing to bear insights from numerous other academic disciplines, the faculty of NCU Law School will plumb the depths of everything.

If you are a student here, the School will expect much of you; from the very first day of class, it will challenge you to think and do things you didn’t know you could. It will reward you by exposing you to ideas that will captivate and inspire you, by teaching you skills and ways of thought that will serve as the foundation of your career.

If you are the one we are looking for, again we welcome you to join the NCU Law School.

Dr Payal Khurana

Possessing good communication skills is of utmost importance in today’s world. The Centre for Languages Learning was formed with the aim of providing students the required knowledge and effective communication skills so that they achieve excellence in their respective fields.

At The NorthCap University, we have students coming from diverse backgrounds possessing different speaking and writing abilities. The English Section of the Centre seeks to cater to these diverse needs of the students of NCU by offering them the opportunity to read widely and to express themselves effectively both orally and in writing. The Centre offers courses in Communication Skills, which enables the students to acquire abilities which are desired globally. The curriculum of these courses is well-developed and stimulating, and enhances the skills from employability perspective as well. The faculty members associated with the Centre are highly qualified and trained, and are committed to provide excellent standards of teaching by focusing on writing, reading, speaking and listening skills. Our state-of- the-art Language laboratory also helps in enhancing the speaking and listening skills of the students thereby making them industry ready.

We are proud to offer Thought Lab for the cognitive development of our students. It is an innovative concept introduced for the first time in India. Thought Lab helps in developing creating pure, positive and creative thoughts in students. Students will learn to adopt positivity and deal with stress.

The Centre also offers Compulsory Foreign Language courses in French, Spanish and German to all the students of the University because development in technology, research and higher education requires multilingual communicators and having proficiency in foreign languages certainly gives the students an edge in terms of placements.

Dr. Ambika Devi

The Department of Applied Sciences not only aims to provide a strong foundation of basic science courses offered to under graduate programs of School of Engineering and Technology, but also offers some very important courses in Mathematics to under graduate students of other schools. Besides offering these courses, the department offers B.Sc. (H) Physics, B.Sc. (H) Maths and M.Sc. Mathematics programs. The focus of these programs is to enable the professionals to lead in academics, research and industries. The programs have been benchmarked with similar programs offered by other reputed organizations in terms of credits and course content.

The USP of the Department is its highly qualified, experienced and research oriented faculty from reputed organizations of the Country. We devise the curriculum of the courses taught to various schools and also programs offered by the Department, in consultation with Honorary Distinguished Professors from renowned organizations. The curriculum is being periodically revised with the possibility of exploring different forms of knowledge through theoretical, practical and other productive means. We provide value education with professional standards to the enthusiastic and vibrant student community.

One of the strengths of the Department is its PhD program in thrust areas of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The Department has modern infrastructural & instructional facilities to create a modern learning environment. The laboratories are equipped with world class equipments and facilities based on the latest technology pertaining to different sections. The department is actively engaged in research and has received funding from agencies like DST, DRDO etc. for developing research labs and organising National and International conferences. We believe in quality publications and the faculty members are publishing their research work in International journals of repute. We are consistently engaged in continuous learning and developing the skills of our faculty through organising faculty development programs, conferences and workshops.

Dr. Pramod Bhatia

The primary focus of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is on providing quality education, nurturing innovative thinking and promoting a socially relevant research environment in the field of Mechanical Engineering. We maintain a high level of industry-academia collaboration through a wide range of activities. The Department has an interdisciplinary Vibration Lab which has been set up by Beijing Wavespectrum Science & Technology Co, China with an investment of over USD 60,000. We are in the process of setting up a Centre of Excellence (COE) in association with the industry leader- M/S Daikin Air-conditioning India Pvt Ltd which will provide hands-on training to our students, help in the integration of experiments into the curriculum, offer productive internship to pre-final year students and potential placement avenues. We have a very productive MoU with the Maruti Center for Excellence (MACE) which has been providing live industry-based projects to students.

We have very relevant and industry-ready curricula with flexibility of choosing courses from a large number of departmental and interdepartmental Electives and also provide our students the option of choosing their subject of specialization. We have developed a collaborative environment for learning with greater emphasis on interdisciplinary courses, projects and research. We equip our students with important transferable skills including critical thinking, analytical reasoning, problem-solving and collaborative working. Students learn to work as a member of a team and become well-equipped and talented graduates with the right attitude. For leadership positions in the manufacturing industry we also prepare our mechanical engineers with good oral and written communication skills so that they can present their ideas in a logical and structured manner. Emphasis is on their holistic development through participation in co-curricular and professional societies (SAE, ISHRAE, ASQ and many more) activities.

There is significant growth potential in this sector as the Government’s policies focus on making India a global manufacturing hub. Therefore, the demand for quality Mechanical engineers in the manufacturing sector would continue to remain high and companies will continue to look for Mechanical engineers, as graduates from NCU, who are specialists in cutting edge technology, empowered with greater analytical and technical skills.

Dr Kavita Khanna

In view of the dynamic nature of growth in the industry and the increasing demand for IT professionals, the CSE Dept. at NCU has developed a sui generis methodology that bridges the gap between the theoretical and practical concepts of Computer Science while maintaining the roots with the core.

We strive hard and leave no stone unturned in achieving a record of 100% placements by giving our students a strong foundation not only in problem solving techniques but also inculcate meta and soft skills so that they possess analytical ability to learn any language or concept and are committed to work in a team with all the zeal. To achieve this vision the department extends its support to all the students by including context and project based learning and various co-curricular & extracurricular activities in the curriculum, setting up of tinkering lab, innovation & incubation center and thought lab in the university.

We believe that the growth of a student depends on the enthusiasm of the faculty who is engaged with him. So to give a holistic development to our faculty members we provide opportunities to train our faculty in upcoming areas of computer science like Cybersecurity, Data Sciences, Digital Forensics, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things. To facilitate this we follow a practice of Faculty Externship where the faculty gets engaged with industry and brings all the industrial aspects to the classroom. This in turn brings guest speakers from industry, live projects for the students, internship and placement opportunities for students and the inclination of curriculum as per industry standards and needs.

I take a great pride to appreciate the zealous efforts of the faculty and students that leads us towards the collaboration with various industries and institutes across the world, in turn developing the projects for a good cause of the society and making our students step into top IT companies. Our passion towards the research is a seed that highlights our good number of research publications.

If I see the panorama view of the department, it feels so proud to mention that our students, the doctoral fellows, the young or the experienced faculty members, continue to please me with their artistic abilities and imagination to make the Computer Science as a field more joyous and playful. We always welcome you to be part of us and see the new world of computing through us.

Dr. Sharda Vashisth

With increasing competition for jobs for engineering graduates in Telecom & IT space, the ECE dept. at NCU also has taken several innovative steps both in revamping program curriculum & teaching pedagogy to ensure that our students are well equipped & stay ahead in the job market.

Our recent interactions with top industry experts have brought out that employability of the students no longer depends only on domain knowledge but also requires higher order skills like problem solving, creative thinking, design & analytical skills, communication skills, leadership & team work etc. For development of many of these skills, within & also beyond the classroom learning is required. The department has created several opportunities for students to achieve this through introduction of context & project based learning, setting up of tinkering lab, innovation & incubation center, thought lab, multiple mini projects and several co-curricular & extracurricular activities and also integrating these with curriculum. The curriculum, through optimum balance, provides sufficient time to students for undertaking these activities & gives due credits for out of class achievements.

A faculty externship scheme has also been introduced to keep the faculty updated about latest in industry. The faculty spends about a week every semester in relevant industry to study & experience industry environment and bring the industry perspective to class room teaching to bridge the gap between teaching & its real life applications. During this period, the faculty also interacts with industry experts to establish linkages with industry for upgrading curriculum in tune with industry requirement, having industry live projects, possibilities of student internships and also student placements. The results of these initiatives have been very positive.

The department has always maintained its position amongst the best in the university and the reason for this is its spirit for continuous innovation. The department offers very congenial environment for learning & research for all its students. Through consistent efforts , the department continues to realize its vision of producing responsible citizens who are well trained professionals in their own domain & industry ready to take up rewarding careers. Come, be part of this enthusiastic professional team at ECE dept. and experience the joys of learning with excellent rewards.