Lecture on Data Analysis by industry expert

A lecture on ‘Data Analysis’ was delivered by Ms Nishtha  Madaan, Senior Research Software Engineer, IBM India Research Lab, to BTech  3rd &4th Year, BSc Maths (H) and MSc Maths students, Dept of Applied Sciences on 4 Oct 2018. She explained Data analysis concepts like preprocessing on Excel files, identifying outliers using scatter plot and histograms. Ms Madaan highlighted feature selection methods and briefed about classification techniques used in Machine Learning (ML). She shared her experience of working with more than 15 students for doing projects on ML and motivated students to use Watson API’s for their project work. The lecture was organized by Dr Anshu Malhotra and Ms Shilpa Jain.

Meet the Quizards – Quiz

The Quizzing Society of NCU, ‘Minerva’ organized their first event ‘Meet the Quizzards’ on 12 Sept 2018. There were 65 teams comprising of 130 students which participated in the preliminary round on subjects such as current affairs, general knowledge, science, technology, film, and music. After the prelims, based on their scores, the top 10 teams went on to the finals. In the finals, after three rounds of quizzing the winners were: 1st Prize: Rajan Sharma (CSE), 2nd Prize: Geetanjali Sachdev and  Rishabh (CSE), 3rd Prize: Tie between CSE students Ritika Kalra, Prerna Kathuria and Ayush Bhardwaj, Ashish Gandhi. Participation certificates and gifts were given to students to motivate them. The event was coordinated by Dr Anshu Malhotra and Prof. Kalika Srivastava.

OSA Quiz 2K18

The OSA chapter at the NorthCap University conducted a hearty quiz on Science and general awareness on 06th of march 2018. The quiz was a rigorous one. Our members dedicated their heart and soul to conduct this quiz. Because we deliver what we truly believe in! There were four rounds to be cleared to win the prize and the total student count was: 60(30 teams). Students had to participate in pairs. The first three rounds were the qualifying round or prelims, yes we stretched it a bit and the final round was the determining round. The prize was conferred to the winning team and we accomplished yet another feat. Knowledge empowers, and this is the inception of undermining great talents like our winners for the future. Congrats to the winning team, knowledge empowers!

National Science Day Celebration in The NorthCap University

To spread the message of importance of science and its application among the people, Department of Applied Science, The NorthCap University, Gurugram organized National Science Day celebration on 28 February 2018.

On this occasion undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students of the University demonstrated their innovative ideas or research findings in the form of science projects, models and posters. Some of the main projects include IR Radar, aquarex, metal detector, water quality checker etc.

The Chief Guest Prof. Amitava Sengupta gave a scintillating talk on “From Sundials to atomic clocks – a glimpse into the amazing journey”. His lecture emphasized on the Nature of Time/What Is Time? Time Interval and Synchronization. He also explained the Sand and Water Clocks/Mechanical Clocks/The Pendulum Clock/The Balance- Wheel Clock/ The Quartz Clock and The Atomic Clock. Winners of various events were encouraged by awarding prizes and certificates after the talk.

The event aimed at motivating students towards taking up science in their higher studies and contributing to the National mission. 

Special talk by Prof T. Harinarayana

A special talk on “Sustainable Energy – Opportunities through R&D” was organized on March 29, 2018 by Prof. T. Harinarayana, Advisor, GTU, Ahmedabad, Former Director General, GERMI, Gandhinagar, Gujarat and former Chief Scientist, CSIR-NGRI, Hyderabad. During his talk, Prof Harinarayana covered various aspects of renewable source of energy, its current status and scope of work in this area. He visited Central Research Facility of university companied by Hon’ble VC, Dr Ambika and Dr Sunita, where he extended his interaction with the research scholars.