TEDx is an amazing community made of people that organize incredible events around the world. TEDx was created in the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading.” The program is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx brings an indispensable opportunity of erudition. Our talks aim to curate a journey of enlightenment, aided by brilliant ideas shared by diverse speakers. The TEDxTheNorthcapUniversity conference promises to bring out ideas niched behind the barriers, be it societal or shrouded in the subconscious. We hope TEDxTheNorthcapUniversity will help making a difference in perspective and aids in unearthing what really matters today, for a better tomorrow.

TEDxTheNorthCapUniversity was organized on 16th Feb 2019 in The NorthCap University, Gurugram to bring some brilliant minds together from different walks of life. Baba Sehgal, Smita Jayakar, RJ Jassi, Gurpreet Singh Tikku, Vikramjit Singh Rooprai, Vani Kabir, Vanky Kataria, Zenobia Khodaiji, Himanshu Bakshi, Shantanu Prakash, Rajat Chauhan and Devender Khari delivered the talks. It was curated by Ms.Jyotika Pruthi, Assistant Professor, CSE.


The Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth, (SPIC MACAY), is an organization which promotes Indian classical music, Indian classical dance, and other aspects Indian culture. It is a movement with chapters in over 300 towns and cities all over the world. The NorthCap University, apart from aspiring for academic excellence, has always been promoting among the youth values and wisdom embodied in various art forms to influence their way of life and inspire them to become a better human being. In fact, since its inception, the the SPIC MACAY Chapter of the University has hosted various programmes under the banner of SPIC MACAY such as performances by renowned exponents of Indian Classical Music (Vocal and Instrumental) and Dance. The Chapter has also organized Movie Sessions and Lecture series of eminent personalities like Pundit Prateek Chaudhury, Dr. Madan Gopal Singh, Langa Brothers, Ms. Ragini Chandrashekhar, Ms. Sudha Raghuraman, Qutbi Brothers to name a few under the aegis of SPIC MACAY. Apart from conducting workshops from time to time internally, the volunteers also participate in the international conventions organized by SPIC MACAY annually.


The renowned Qutbi brothers brought a vivid liveliness to the Auditorium of the NorthCap University with their captivating and soulful rendition of Qawwali as a part of the SPIC MACAY Virasat organized by the SPIC MACAY Chapter of the NorthCap University on February 27, 2018. The brothers comprising of Arshad Qutbi, Adnan Qutbi and Daniyal Qutbi along with Zafar Hussain, Danish Khan, Rashid Ali, Raees Khan and Dilshad began their recital with the very popular Sufiyana Qawwali ‘Allah Hoo’ in traditional style followed by several other tuneful melodies.

The auspicious occasion was inaugurated by Prof. Prem Vrat, the Pro-Chancellor of the NorthCap University by lighting the lamp accompanied by the other dignitaries from SPIC MACAY and the University. This powerful rendition of qawwali left a great impact on the audience filled with faculty, staff and students.

Social Outreach

Yukti, a social service cell at The NorthCap University, Gurgaon aims at bringing the Faculty and Students together to make life better for the negligent and suffered, regardless of caste, color, religion or status. The society helps the society to meet the diverse needs of people from all walks of life.

Functional Branches of Yukti:

  • Jaagriti Cell: for spreading awareness on all sensitive topics.
  • Prerana Cell: with the motto “Each one teach one.” It basically aims to provide Education to all.
  • Suvidha Cell: takes care of health care related segment that spreads, amongst all sections of society, the message of Healthy living.
  • Kushi Cell: with the goal of spreading happiness and bringing A SMILE to everyone’s face.

Events conducted from Jan-April 2018:

UPHAAR- An Organ donation Camp:

Yukti social service cell organised an organ donation camp, from 20th to 24th March 2017, wherein people could pledge to donate their organs after death. The main aim of this camp was to spread awareness about the benefits of organ donation in case of brain death and thus motivate students/faculty to pledge to donate their organs after death.

Open Mic on Woman safety and empowerment:

An OPEN MIC was organised by the YUKTI social service cell, on 6th September 2017 The theme was WOMEN SAFETY AND EMPOWERMENT, everyone was welcome to come up and speak on this issue.

Old Age Home Visit:

Yukti team visited Tau Devi Lal Old Age Home on Wednesday , 24th January, 2018.  Faculty, students and other staff members took part in this activity by visiting them and contributing towards the cause. We have donated
1. Hygiene Kits (Bath Soap, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Comb, Cotton, Cream etc. )
2. General Hygiene Items (Phenyl, Dish Washing Soap, Mosquito Repellents etc.)
3. Refreshments (Biscuits, Chips, Juices etc. )
4. Basic Food Items (Rice, Wheat Flour, Pulses, Spices etc. ).


‘Cerebration’, ‘Technovation’ and NCU’s SAE Collegiate Club’s technical cum automotive fest, SAKSHAM, are technical fests that will give you an opportunity to showcase your technical skills in an environment of competition with colleges all over North-India. These programmes provide you a platform to demonstrate creativity, innovation and technical knowledge. Technical competitions are regularly held in diverse elds such as robotics, building all-terrain vehicles, hardware assembly, design and programming, website design, and graffiti where you get the chance to showcase your innovative projects.

Cultural Fest

The University offers excellent, wide-ranging opportunities, to its students to participate in recreational, creative and cultural activities. The University celebrates its cultural Festival called ‘Momentum’ each year, which is a five day programme packed with a number of cultural, technical and literary competitions. There includes a host of events like Debates, Group Discussions, Fashion Show, Quiz Programmes, Poetry Recitation, Singing Competition, Musical Performance by popular artists, JAM Sessions, dramatics, indoor and outdoor sports, dance competitions, and much more. It clearly exemplifies the zeal of our students towards the non-traditional side of education as well. Our students are trained equally towards classroom coaching and on–stage cultural presentations.

Participation is such activities helps the students develop their ability to organize such activities and lad an integrated life. They develop skills for effective oral and written communication. The students who participate and organize the festival are given medals, prizes and certificates.